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September 2018

Dear Hardaway Alumni,

We have some exciting news! This year all donations will go to specific projects, which will benefit Hardaway High School and the student body in many ways.

1. Beginning in the 2017-2018 school year, Georgia students are no longer receiving free AP exams. In an effort to ensure that Hardaway’s students have an opportunity to receive college credits while enrolled in high school, we will help fund the AP World Literature and AP World History exams (72 total exams). The total amount needed to accomplish this is $7,600.

2. The classroom experience of Hardaway students is very important. Students enrolled in Visual Arts are in need of 30 Digital Drawing Tablets. The cost to fund this request is $1,700.

3. Many of you will remember the first principal of Hardaway, Dewey Renfroe. We have uncovered the pledge made in 1966 to dedicate the courtyard at the back of the school to Mr. Renfroe. This has never been done. To erect a plaque in his honor and conduct a fitting dedication ceremony the cost would be approximately $1,300.

4. In May, the Hardaway Alumni Association donated $1,500 for Phase I of a permanent Wall of Pictures in the cafeteria. To continue this project, additional funds are needed. The size of the space to be filled with pictures determines the cost. Phase II cost is approximately $1,500.

These projects combined will require $12,100. Would you help us meet our goal? These are possible projects. Depending on the amount of funds raised, the Board of Directors will determine the project(s) that will be undertaken.

As a suggestion, you may want to consider donating according to the year you graduated. For example; if you graduated in 2003, you could donate $20.03, $200.30 or $2,003.00. No matter what year you graduated, it’s a fun way to determine the amount of your donation this year.

Please send your check today to Hardaway Alumni Association, P. O. Box 4683, Columbus, GA 31914 or donate online by clicking this link: http://www.hardawayhighalumni.com/contribution.htm. No matter what amount you are in a position to donate, your contribution will be used in a significant way as our Mission states; “The Hardaway High School Alumni Association exists to provide resources for Hardaway High School,” while enhancing the educational experience of Hardaway students.

Our previous projects to support our mission include purchasing a $5,000 sound system for the auditorium, replacing $3,500 worth of softball equipment that was stolen, buying a $900 Euphonium for the music department, donating $9,300 for the purchase and installation of an LED sign at the entrance of the school, and $1,500 for Phase I of the Wall of Pictures Project in the Cafeteria.

We thank you for championing YOUR school and its students. Your donation is tax deductible.


Hardaway Alumni Association
Board of Directors